Research & Writing

Book Project

Voter Backlash, Elite Misperception, and the Logic of Violence in Electoral Competition

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Nellis, Gareth, Michael Weaver, and Steven C. Rosenzweig. 2016. "Do Parties Matter for Ethnic Violence? Evidence from India". Quarterly Journal of Political Science 11(3): 249-277.

Replication files here.

Coverage in the Economic Times, Hindustan Times (Live Mint),, quartz,

Navbharat Times (in Hindi), and Azhimukham (in Malayalam).

Rosenzweig, Steven C. 2015. "Does Electoral Competition Affect Public Goods Provision in Dominant-Party Regimes? Evidence from Tanzania". Electoral Studies 39: 72-84.

Replication files here.

Working Papers

"Dangerous Disconnect: Voter Backlash, Elite Misperception, and the Costs of Violence as an Electoral Tactic." Under review.

"What Explains Ethnic Voting? Experimental Evidence on Ethnicity, Information, and Vote Choice." Under review.

Non-Academic Writing

"Electoral Violence and Voter Backlash: Do Violent Electoral Tactics Hurt Candidates More Than They Help?", Electoral Violence Project Blog, July 19th, 2016.

"Violence at Trump's rallies? Here are 4 things to know about electoral violence around the world" (with Gareth Nellis), Monkey Cage Blog, Washington Post, April 11th, 2016.

Ongoing Projects

The Effect of Primaries versus Direct Nomination on Candidate Characteristics and Election Outcomes: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from Kenya

(In)Validity of Age Measures in Developing Country Surveys: Diagnosis and Consequences